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  • good teacher

    Good Art” is when you create something that evokes emotional interest and is w

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    To This End, We Strive…………………

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  • good teacher

    good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of l

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  • Martial arts
    Martial arts

    Martial arts as an educational system are of paramount importance for everybody

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About Us

Anand International Public School, Dadra is co-educational institution employing English as the medium of Instruction with the knowledge of Hindi,Gujarati, and Sanskrit. The need of such a dream school which is within the reach of every common man was felt where he can make their dreams of quality education an whole development of their children true. The school was started with the grace of God in 2011 to fufill this ideology. The basic objectives on institution is to facilitate an all round balanced standard development, sound and scientific formation of its student as well as sufficiently emphasizing the various dimensions of the human like intellectual, moral, religious, social and physical without prejudice to any single one. It would be our endeavor to assist the students to grow into integrated personalities with sound mind and healthy bodies possessing divine strenght of character and capacity to achieve the goal to make his future bright, sucessful and remarkable.

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